How to Maximize Your Deductions for Travel and Convention Expenses |

One question often asked by Network Marketing / MLM business owners is “How Much Can I Deduct for Travel, Hotel, Meals and Convention Expenses?”

This is an area which the IRS auditors watch closely. To avoid unwanted IRS attention, you need to know how this deduction works. It can be especially important if you attend your company’s national or international conventions on a regular basis.

• For conventions within North America, the cost of travel, lodging and the convention ticket itself are all deductible, just like the cost of any other business trip. Just be sure the convention will qualify as one that benefits your business. In general, company-sponsored conventions will qualify. On the other hand, conventions for political, social, or investment purposes will not qualify.
• For tax purposes, “North America” includes not just the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, but much of the Caribbean and many other great vacation destinations as well.
• For business travel within the United States, you can deduct 100% of your transportation costs as long as you spend more than half of your time on business activities while at your destination.
• For example, say you fly to Las Vegas for a four-day convention. Afterwards, you stay three extra days there taking in the shows, etc. Because you spent over half your time on business, the cost of your flight is entirely deductible. You may not deduct your hotel, meals, or other expenses during your vacation days, however.
• More stringent rules apply if you attend a convention outside the North America, as broadly defined for tax purposes. You can take the deduction only if the convention is directly related to your business (rather than merely benefitting it in general terms), and there is justification for the convention to be held outside of North America rather than here.
• As a general rule, avoid attending a foreign convention unless there’s is a darn good reason for it in your particular situation. If the convention is in Paris, for example, then your claim to a tax deduction has a stronger chance of standing up to IRS scrutiny if your company is licensed to do business in that country, and also if you can document to the IRS that you are actively working to launch new representatives there.

For more details on convention-related deductions, Network Marketing professionals get a copy of IRS Publication 463, “Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses”

Jim Flauaus, President / CEO of Anchor Accounting & Tax, is a Network Marketing / MLM tax specialist. He connects with Home Business owners and Network Marketers across the country and around the world via phone, email, and fax to help them plan and prepare their income tax returns.

Top and Best Apps for Traveling This Summer |

At this very moment, we can guess that about half of the world population is dreaming of traveling to some place exotic and half others are already there. It’s summer people and for me summer is all about traveling and enjoying things but without proper planning this travel can turn into a disaster. Irrespective of where might be going and what you have planned, iPhone perfect companion for the travel “Just about Everything” full of handy apps and features your iPhone can be you’re trip savior too.

You will discover that with current mobile technology as iPhone, you can travel like a pro without any hassle.

The essential requirements like booking flights and hotels to scheduling tours and looking where to eat, and even educating key phrases on your travels to new and exciting countries will become with these listed apps, by the end of this article you will be prepared for you trip.

1. Trip Boss ($4.99) Precisely developed for tracking expenses made during the trip. Ideal comrade for the business traveler and others’ when going on holiday. The budget feature is perfect for a family vacation, or for business projects. International,with real-time currency and a bonus currency calculator. You can even use the tip calculator when you’re not traveling. Trip Boss travel manager is modular, so you can add additional travel apps via in-app purchase.

2. TripIt – Travel Organizer (Free) TripIt is an easier way to organize travel. No more frantic searches for flight numbers in your inbox: access all your travel plans in one place on your iPhone, iPad, in your calendar, or online – no matter where you book. To get started, simply forward your travel confirmations to plans[at]tripit[dot]com and TripIt automatically creates a “smartinerary,” combining your travel plans with maps, driving directions and more, which can easily be shared with others.

3. Live Flight Tracker (Free) (Best for US, Canada and UK people) Basically this app allows you tracking maps and flight status of UK, US and Canada. This app allows you to track airline flights and general aviation’s. Start searching by Flight number, city pair or airport code, aircraft registration, route, airline. Complete flight details and full screen maps along with NEXRAD radar overlay is included in tracking data. Registration is required with Flight to use app effectively and with ease, if not don’t worry registration is free of cost you can visit their site at any time and register there.

4. Trip Tracker – Live Flight Status Tracker (Free) Real-time status of the flights can be retrieved from Trip Tracker, real-time schedule with push alerts, live weather reports and route maps of required city or country, hotel and car rental information to ease your travel in any place.All these information are pushed in to your iPhone automatically without having hassle of entering it manually.

5. Wi-Fi Finder (Free) Quickly and easily find FREE or paid Wi-Fi when you travel with the Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone and iPod Touch. Download all of the locations offline, so you know how to stay connected when you are on the road. This app will help you to find the closest Wi-Fi spot and also guide you to there, by just enabling or using GPS function of your iPhone.

6. City Essential ($0.99) An Exclusive feature of City Essentials is, it allows you to quickly look for closest supermarket, Gas stations, hospitals hotels and many more with sorting your current location or position. You can create your own categories’ or genre like Exotic, Party, Friends Place or your favorite restaurants’ etc. Now you just have to tap on app and information will just flow freely to help you access these points of interests in a flash.

7. OpenTable (Free) Restaurant Reservations – Free, Instant, Confirmed. You can make free restaurant reservations With OpenTable at more than 15,000 OpenTable-enabled restaurants in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Also, OpenTable associates earn prized Dining Rewards Points tradable for Dining Cheques at any other OpenTable restaurant.

HOW IT WORKS: Specify your dining date, desired time and party size to view available tables at nearby restaurants – listed by proximity or plotted on an interactive map.

Hope you are ready for your trip, have fun and make your trip adventures and delightful with these apps.